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From the Desk Of Tim Wynia

Dear AUVERO Team Member,


My name is Timothy Wynia and I'm the president of AUVERO. I want to welcome you to the AUVERO family and thank you for believing in us. I also want you to know that we believe in you.

What I most love about our team is that our leaders are intensely focused on helping others create a legacy. Whatever your goals are, from an extra car payment in your bank account, paying off your student loans, or paying off your home and taking a dream vacation, our team is here to help you succeed. Our sponsors and company resources are dedicated to helping you succeed. 


We have done everything we can to get you started, by providing you with a free store, a quality, premium, and fairly priced product line, with a wonderful support staff to take care of both your customers and your own business needs.

Please let your Sponsor and team know of any questions you may have. Stay well and best success to you.

Timothy L. Wynia
President, AUVERO

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