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We built this company to transform the lives of our affiliates and customers.

Meet the Visionaries Behind AUVERO

Chief Executive Officer

Loving my kids and showing people Jesus have been at the front of my life for over 20 years. I have owned, operated, and managed several businesses. 

From managing cleaning services for US Government facilities, to leading teams managing leading edge telecom technology as a CIO, I have built up my business acumen across a diverse list of careers. My heart for missions and training pastors took me all over the world, from the top of mountains in Nepal, to the most remote parts of Africa. Throughout my journey I've seen the value of equipping people to live full lives. 


 I started GreenMountain/AUVERO with Ron and Tim because of the broad variety of skills we collectively possessed. We share the same life goals and have truly enjoyed our journey together so far. I look forward to the continued growth of AUVERO and to all the new team members whose relationships through AUVERO will produce the health and financial freedom that people need.



I'm a family man with over twenty years of marriage, four children, and one grandchild. Ann entrepreneur at heart, lead by faith in Christ, I have been self-employed for over fifteen years. With a heart for people, I've built and sold a few businesses in the Midwest, studied business at St. Cloud State University, and I ran a successful insurance business for seven years. 

Having been a leader holding many positions with various companies, I've seen the characteristics and opportunities that bring great value, and wanted to combine as many as I could in one place. The idea of combining things bought me to found Green Mountain and AUVERO with Michael and Ron. I believe that freedom from financial burdens can help ease many stressors in life and family. I feel combining financial help with natural botanical products, leads to a legacy that is just a few good "action steps" away.  

Government Relations Officer

Married to a wonderful wife, with children overseas, I am a former state legislator. I served in the US Army for a few years, and I have a heart for missions and helping people. Over the last decades I've owned and operated several businesses and enjoy the rush of seeing people succeed. 

 In 2019 I joined with Michael and Tim, as the Chief Of Operations, for the adventure of manufacturing botanical products wholesale. The idea of putting a seed in the ground and watching that seed become a finished product has always intrigued me. Seeing the products that can come from hemp and associated botanical products sparked my excitement, bringing me into this industry.

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